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What’s covered, what's not? Homeowners policy provides coverage for water that backs up through sewers or drains as long as it originates on premises. As the bullet points below show, the optional endorsement expands the coverage to provide better protection. Please talk to us to make sure you are properly protected. READ MORE >>

The Importance of Renters Insurance If you live in a rental home or apartment, chances are you don’t have the proper insurance. Despite the fact that rented homes are more likely to be burglarized than owner-occupied properties, nearly 60 percent of renters don’t have a renters policy. READ MORE >>

A certificate of insurance is not a contract of insurance, but simply evidence that a contract exists.   READ MORE >>

Every person has an insurable interest in his/her own life and health and his/her own property.  This is why individuals can buy life and health  insurance for themselves or family members and property and casualty insurance to protect their homes, automobiles and personal assets. READ MORE >>

To understand what insurance is and how it works, you must first understand the concept of risk.  RISK is the chance or uncertainty of loss. Risk is not the loss itself, but the uncertainty that a loss might occur.  Some losses of value, such as those resulting from wear and tear on a physical object, are certain to occur eventually. READ MORE >>

By: Insurance Information Institute Re-posted By: Associated Insurance Services, LLC 4/19/12 1. Shop Around It'll take some time, but could save you a good sum of money. Ask your friends, check the Yellow Pages or contact your state insurance department. (Phone numbers and Web sites are listed here. READ MORE >>

By: Boat U.S. Re-posted by: Associated Insurance Services, LLC, 4/16/12 Understanding boat insurance can be challenging.  It can be a confusing maze to many, but the smart boater can make the right insurance choice with these "Top Five Tips for Buying Boat Insurance" from Boat U.S. READ MORE >>

By: Precision Automotive, 5/10/11 Re-Posted By: Associated Insurance Services, LLC, 4/11/12 Spring fever is upon us and summer is rapidly approaching.  Even with the current gas prices, taking that family road trip is still a popular seasonal activity. READ MORE >>

By: Kelli B. Grant & Sarah Morgan, Smart Money, 7/7/10 Re-posted by: Associated Insurance Services, LLC, 4/9/12 Beating the heat this summer is an expensive proposition as temperatures soar into the triple digits in some parts of the U.S. READ MORE >>

By: All-Insurance.Org, 4/4/12 Re-posted by: Associated Insurance Services, LLC on 4/6/12 As you hunt for an insurance policy, focus on finding local agencies that you can deal with in person. If you talk to an agent in person, you may get a better deal, because they want to keep you happy. READ MORE >>

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